April Fools’ and other nicknames

Welcome to April. To spring. To grass that’s greening and to pollen that’s stuffing me up. And to my newly created blog with a carefully chosen moniker that reflects my witticism.

You might be wondering just how I decided on the name of my blog. Sit down and let me tell you the story. It doesn’t start with, “Once upon a time.” It doesn’t even start with, “Once.” Here’s why:

Anyone who knows me knows I’m famous for inserting, “That’s what she said” to just about any conversation – multiple times, if possible. Because if it’s funny one time, it’s riotous on the 50th. At least to me. So it was easy to name my blog “thats what Lynn said.” Plus it was clever. You know, like me. Bonus: it was available. That always helps.

I’m glad you’re along with me on this journey of words, wit and wisdom. (Notice – no Oxford comma. Not a fan. But I do love alliteration. A lot. And puns. The lamer, the better.) Prepare to be amazed at the thoughts I’ll put out there. Okay, they probably won’t be amazing. Sometimes they might be mildly amusing. I’m going for middle-of-the-road amazing. Maybe just “maz.”  And you can respond – and I’ll answer!  I share, you share, we’ll all share together.

That’s what she said.

24 thoughts on “April Fools’ and other nicknames

  1. Don’t know if my first comment made it or not, so.. you know me, if one is good, fifteen are better. So. Two. Two. Two comments in one! Good luck on the new venture – can’t wait to see what your fertile mind brings to bear. Love you!


  2. Perfect! Love the new blog. Looking forward to the reveal of the new project. ( However, please note I AM a big fan of the Oxford comma 😉


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