No Trans in Military? What the Actual F*ck?!

I stay away from political posts as a rule. I don’t want to engage. I’m not going to change anyone’s mind (and their comments aren’t going to change mine). So this blog has always focused on what I am learning about the LGBTQ+ community. My goal is to inspire others to open their hearts and minds and learn a bit about a community that is so misunderstood.

Today, I change the rules. I cannot sit by, silent, after the news that President Trump has banned transgender people from serving our military in any capacity. That they are a “distraction.” Hinting that they are only serving so the armed forces can pay for their medical procedures.

I’m disgusted, saddened, sickened and outraged. And those are only the words I feel comfortable sharing here.

We have heroes among us, ready to defend this country and its freedoms. Think about word for a second. “Freedoms.” Freedom for everyone except those that live a lifestyle that our leader deems “distracting.”

I’m sitting in an airport in San Fransciso as I write this, watching all manner of people walk by. Young, old, straight, gay, white, black. And yes, transgender. And you know what? None of them “distract” me. They are all people, just like me, trying to get to the next leg of their journey on this earth.

I’ll write more on this, rest assured. Feel free to unfollow this blog if that bothers you. And if it reassures you, or comforts you, to know that this is my very public stance, feel free to share my blog with others.

To the trans people who have chosen to put their lives on the line to save mine, thank you. You have my undying gratitude.


7 thoughts on “No Trans in Military? What the Actual F*ck?!

  1. This isn’t what he says it is about. The congress is refusing to pass the defense budget with the cost of trans operations as a part of it. Also included in the budget is $1.6 billion for Trumps Mexico wall! He just fixed it so the budget will pass and he gets is damn wall!

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  2. I believe this whole ban of transgenderpeople from the military is a Trump distraction, a show, to keep his base fired up and in his camp while not thinking at all about all theaccusation over hie possible Russian collusion. I think the Boy Scout speech was also tossing the Media a bone to keep them (momentarily) from reporting the potentially worse news about Trump ties with Russia.

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  4. Lynn, if you have not read about or heard about Paula Neira, I recommend you Google her. I heard her speak at an LGBTQ event at NAVSEA, and I think she would make a great next book/story for you…. a transgender woman who served in the Navy (and graduated from the Naval Academy). A moving and powerful speaker and a fighter for transgender acceptance. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to hear her speak.


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