Writer. Author. Blogger.

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Lynn Thorne is an award-winning writer and the author of Who Am I If You’re Not You? (Mascot Books, 2017) and Word Of Mouth Advertising Online and Off: How to Spark Buzz, Excitement and Free Publicity for Your Business or Organization With Little or No Money (Atlantic Press, 2008) and a successful freelance journalist. Her work has appeared in The Washington Post Express, The Washington Post Southern Maryland Extra, U.S. News Ventures, Access Wireless, Broker Agent Magazine, and several local publications.

Lynn Thorne-lalalaA former broadcast journalist, Lynn has appeared on television and radio stations in Charlottesville (Virginia), Richmond (Virginia) and Wausau (Wisconsin). She received her Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications, with a specialty in Broadcasting, from Virginia Commonwealth University.Lynn Thorne-119

From her home in the foothills of central Virginia, Lynn is also active on social media and blogs at thatswhatlynnsaid.com, which has a primary focus on LGBT issues.

She is perhaps best known for adding the phrase, “That’s what she said,” to every possible conversation.

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4 thoughts on “Writer. Author. Blogger.

  1. whatlynnsaid,

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