Want to know more? I’m an open book. (Ha!)

When I’m not in the midst of trying to pen the next NY Times Bestseller, I work as a freelance writer. I’ve written for clients ranging from JCPenney Direct and The Washington Post to CTIA and Broker Agent magazine. My work has supported celebrities from Rob Lowe to Channing Tatum, and I’ve been humbled to ghostwrite for Sec. of State Colin Powell and Sen. Harris Wofford.

I’m also a staunch ally of the LGBTQ+ community, an actress, singer and dancer, and can be found dabbling in most crafty-type pursuits including acrylic and watercolor paintings (but usually not while writing – I find that too messy).

I live at the base of Skyline Drive in Virginia, where I try to keep up with a home filled with two cats, two dogs, two teenagers, and one husband. I’m blessed beyond belief!

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