The Alphabet is Changing

First of all, HAPPY PRIDE!!!!

Secondly, I want to talk about letters. (I know, I’m a writer. I always want to talk about letters! But this is different.) I didn’t know until I started this blog how many in the LGBT community think the “T” has no place in this group because “T” has to do with gender, not sexuality. I was truly stymied, and I blogged about it at the time.

This week, I saw a comment from someone saying the “B” in LGBT might also need to be rethought. Why? Because some people see more than two genders.

In today’s world, we’re learning so much about how people view themselves, and the spectrum is vast, friends. No longer do we recognize just “male” and “female,” so an argument could be made that “bisexual” doesn’t cover it all.


I wish we didn’t have to have the labels. I wish it didn’t matter, and that the world didn’t feel the need to categorize people based on anything — from race to religion to gender to sexual preference. But as long as that’s the case (and I suspect that’s not changing any time soon), I’m curious to see whether “LGBT” morphs into a different set of acronyms. I wonder what the “B” should become. “P” for pansexual? Maybe “A” for all?

Whatever happens with this, I’m supportive. I hope it’s clear I’m an ally all the way. Just keep me up to speed so I don’t show my ignorance! I’m trying hard to keep up my image 🙂

I don’t have a dog in this fight, I just find it worth discussing. I can definitely see how it makes sense.

What do you think?


6 thoughts on “The Alphabet is Changing

  1. I’m with you, Lynne. The more we try to define gender and sexuality the more complicated it seems. Maybe it is time to separate gender issues from sexuality issues. After all, Why must we insist that “B” or Bisexuality “should cover it all”? But serving political correctness does not feel inclusive to me. It feels self-serving.

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    • Great to hear from you, Jerry, and thank you for weighing in! It’s still a little unclear to me how and why we feel like we have to label people based on gender or sexuality. The fewer labels the better, as far as I am concerned.


  2. As a B – I definitely don’t want to be an A (for all!). That feels a bit like buying into the stereotypes that bisexuals are greedy / will go with anyone etc…It isn’t all, we don’t fall for everyone, it’s just that gender isn’t a bottom line criteria in who we love. I also think that we should be honest that many in the LG community may not want the T (and often the B) because biphobia / transphobia is sadly more likely in my experience to come from within than outside, our community. That doesn’t mean we should dump the T, or the B, rather we should challenge those that would want to, and ask what is that really about? My own view is that we all sit under one big queer umbrella, regardless of whether we’re talking about sexuality and gender identity, that the trans community are as much as a part of our movement as anyone else, so I’d be really sad to lose the T.

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    • Julie, I’m really glad you commented and am grateful for your perspective! For what it’s worth, I have never felt that Bs were greedy or couldn’t choose. Quite the opposite – I always thought it was cool that gender wasn’t an obstacle for them. And I had no idea until recently (when I wrote my blog post about it) that there was any discord with Ts being part of the group. I was really surprised at that. Without knowing any better, I guess I just figured everyone was one big happy family. I’m learning! It helps us allies to have some insight to better understand the LGBT community, so thanks again for commenting.

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