Who Am I If You’re Not You?Option A

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What if your spouse wanted to become the opposite sex?

Jennifer and Marika are soulmates, best friends, and lovers with dreams of being two moms raising a family. Until Marika drops a bomb six months after their wedding day: she wants to become a man.

Who Am I If You’re Not You? is a deeply intimate look at the effects of gender transition on a couple. Based on the true story of Jennifer and Marika Schindler, it documents this real-life pair as they journey together through Marika’s gender transition to become Marc.

This book was published by Mascot Books and you can order it by going to the book website and clicking on “buy now” at the bottom of the page.

Wondering whether you’ll like it? Check out these reviews on Amazon…

“A well written, compelling and complex love story…”

“Once you start reading this book, you can’t stop.”

“A gripping story of change, loss and love…”

“This story will open your eyes and your heart.”

“Offers an unheard perspective on what happens to loved ones when one person decides to transition…”

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I’m available for book signings and events. If you know of a group that will be receptive, or an event that ties in to the themes, let me know so I can get it on my calendar!


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