I’m Coming Out

Don’t let the title fool you – I’m as straight as it gets. However, I’m ready to reveal something that I’ve held inside for a long time… I’m working on a new book.

This one is very different from the one I published in 2008 (which was Word of Mouth Advertising, Online and Off. Interested in reading it? Here’s the link to purchase!). That was my first foray into publishing and it was a great experience.

But I’m writing a very different one this time: this book is all about love. It’s an incredible love story unlike anything you’ve ever heard, trust me. And it’s TRUE.

It’s a remarkable story about love triumphing against some pretty incredible odds. As our society comes to accept love in all forms, I have reveled in marriage equality in all 50 states, watched as Caitlyn Jenner’s story unfolds and shuddered at North Carolina’s bathroom law. All of this has touched me personally – not because I’ve had any personal experience with it, but because this story I want to tell has a bit of all of that and more.

Moving forward, this blog will focus more on these types of topics. I know that makes some people uncomfortable, but it’s my hope that we can share and discuss these issues respectfully; acknowledging that we all deserve the right to live the life that feels right to us – whatever that might look like.

I hope you’ll continue this journey with me, and that you’ll allow me to share my feelings, insight, and stories with you as this book comes to fruition. After all, a book needs more than a story. It needs a reader too.

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