Funny or Offensive?

In the research I’ve been doing on the LGBT community, I’ve learned one thing pretty well… or so I thought. I thought I understood that trans people just want to fit in. They don’t want to stand out. They don’t want to be called out or made fun of. They just want to live their authentic life, going about their business as whichever gender they identify with.

Which is why I’m confused by this article about an art school project involving animated drag queens as flight attendants. (No issue there, by the way.) The video has some clever moments (although I could’ve done without the “special” air mask that dropped down), and I like the song they play. I’m assuming the name Priscilla Airlines is a takeoff (ha! Now THAT is funny) on “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert,” a movie about two drag queens and a trans woman.

My issue is with the way the kick off their safety instructions:

“Ladies, gentlemen, cis, trans, betweens, cross dressers, drag kings, drag queens, thirds, and genderqueers. Please pay attention to the demonstration.”

I just don’t see the humor.

Am I a stick in the mud?  I wouldn’t describe myself as such, but maybe I can’t see it. (Often those who are Debbie Downers describe themselves as realistic, not pessimistic. I get that.)

Is it because I’m only an ally and not part of the LGBT world … perhaps I’m missing an inside joke? That is very possible. Maybe probable. Inside jokes are usually only funny when you’re one of the in group.

I’m serious about this. (Maybe that’s why it’s not funny.) If you can help me understand why calling groups out by name is humorous, please enlighten me.

2 thoughts on “Funny or Offensive?

  1. After viewing the video, I think you kind of hit the nail on the head. This is one big in-joke. Gay humor is sometimes in-your-face crude. No, I don’t find it funny either but a certain segment of the LGBT community gets off on being shocking. I would say it is immature at best. Am I outraged? No, more like bored with that level of so-called humor. I can’t speak for anyone else but myself.

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